secret whiteboard

Benefits of Using Secret Whiteboards for Interior Design


For their staff to be able to continue working during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, many companies adopted safety measures. This manner of conducting things persisted even after the shutdown. Many companies have decided to use the remote working concept for specific positions. Employees have the option of working totally from home or setting up a hybrid schedule that entails working mostly from home and occasionally going into the office.


One of the things you might need when working from home is a board to help you organize thoughts and information as you work on them. Instead of stuffing your home with mounted whiteboards and picture frames, there is a method that allows you to hide your whiteboards behind a poster frame.


This multipurpose solution is not only practical but also attractive. It combines the attractiveness of the hanging poster frames of your choosing with the practicality of a working whiteboard. Both can be written on the hidden whiteboard.



Do You Need a Secret Whiteboard in Your House?


You can all agree that it's ridiculous to have a large whiteboard on display in your home. You run the danger of losing crucial information if your board is left lying around. If you have young children or toddlers at home, this is especially true. 


The secret whiteboard possesses a number of characteristics that make it deserving of a place on your wall. The capacity to fold is one of them. When the poster is folded, the poster frame is what is visible. While in use, however, the board might be opened up to reveal a larger board underneath. Flipping it over allows it to be opened in any way as well. Another advantage of the hidden whiteboard is the ease with which the artwork on the poster frame may be modified. If you wish to change the subject of the artwork displayed around your home, you can instantly swap out the poster in the frame with one that better suits your preferences.


 The concealed whiteboard is a must-have because of its recessed frame. The frame can be used to hold your markers, papers, erasers, and other stuff because it is built into the wall. Additionally, since the whiteboard is magnetic, you may store items inside of it. The hidden whiteboard frame can hang either vertically or horizontally because it is movable. This complements the available space as well as your preferences and style.

 Lots of Sizes 

The board comes in several sizes. In other words, it comes in little, medium, and enormous proportions. You can select from any of the sizes based on the available space, your personal tastes, and the volume of work you want to utilize it for. Additionally, having the choice to select between white or black frames would infuse color into the interior décor of your home. The frame is equipped with a magnetic marker and eraser in addition to magnets for attaching your notes to the board. Keeping everything you need for writing in one place is made simpler by doing this. Working from home has become much easier.




In meetings for brainstorming, we like to take notes. This helps us recall important ideas we may have encountered throughout these sessions. A whiteboard is perfect for this task, but imagine how it would ruin a tastefully decorated environment if it took up wall space where other fine pieces of art could have been hung. The yet-to-be-discovered whiteboard method solves this. It enables you to combine aesthetics with utility while still upholding the aesthetics of your home. You may simply flip open the frame to reveal two boards that improve the workspace when you're ready to get to work. The frame's magnets on either side provide a pleasant click when you close it at the end of the day, signaling a job well done.