GTA 5 android

What to do with your car in GTA 5?

GTA 5 mobile is full of fun and fascination. Driving your cars will be one of the interesting things in the game as you can customize it to the extent you wish. However, you could not only move from one place to another using a car but also you can do several things with it in GTA 5. In this article, let us discuss them in brief.

Selling cars for money

In GTA 5, there are several ways of making money. Since the game is full of attractive luxury cars, you can sell cars and make decent money. You can steal any car and go to a nearby Los Santos Customs to get a decent amount for it. Selling your car will be the fastest way of making money in GTA 5. However, you should make sure that the vehicle is better and more high-end to earn decent money. You can locate the mod shop with the help of the GPS option on your interaction menu. You could not sell two or more cars on the same day of the game. You have to wait for the next day to sell another one.

Insurance for cars

Insuring your car is vital in the game as it is to insure vehicles in real-life. Once you insure your car, you can get a replacement vehicle once you lose or get your car destroyed. You will get a new vehicle at the instant with no other costs except a small fee for the Los Santos Customs. You have to pay a premium for insuring your car, and the car should have a tracker to get it. Usually, you can buy this tracker from LS Customs. However, if you have any property in the game, the vehicles that are parked there will automatically get the tracker. If you have a decent vehicle customized for you, it is better to insure it right away.

Prevention of cars

You know that you can steal someone’s car in GTA 5. So, there are equal chances for your car to get stolen by someone else when you are unaware. Hence, it is necessary to lock your car when you are not using it. However, you can lock it by simply choosing the persons allowed to open your vehicle from the interaction menu as you wish. If you choose anyone, everybody can steal it. However, you can make any decision based on your thinking.

Getting a garage

As said earlier, you can get a tracker and insurance for your car if it is parked on your own property. Also, you can get the option of hiding safely from the police or someone else during an emergency. Hence, it is advisable to buy a garage in a perfect place to enjoy these benefits. Only the people who are allowed by you can enter this garage. Once you get the money enough to buy a new property, you can sell your old garage and switch if you wish.