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PDF file format
PDF is the appropriate choice when printing documents with precise page layout. PDF files can easily be assessed by everyone and read without stress. Mobile users can easily access PDF files.

The format boasts of a higher quality with better resolution images than the MS word format. When the document is printed, the same quality as seen on the screen is seen on the paper without reduction of any fraction of resolution.

Printers used for professional purposes mostly accept PDF file formats rather than word document format. Plus the read only print available format of PDF files makes it convenient to transfer files to other devices without hassle.

PDF files are usually quite small, thus making it very easy to archive the files. Once a PDF file is archived, it is quite easy to search for the file from among other documents in the archive. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that PDF files are very compatible with organization.

PDF is very useful in retaining the quality of documents, thus, they are largely used in posting content online. This format is also very practical for online content as the content distributor is able to protect his content via read only file which does not permit alterations.

PDF is highly recommended and more suitable for the combination of different formats of text into one single PDF file. Examples of such formats include word document, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheet etc.

PDFs come in handy as legal and business files or documents. This is mainly because of its ability to restrict editing while retaining its original form, hence legal content and business files can retain their content.

For legal activities, edited documents leave an electronic print which can be traced and prove evidence of alterations or tampering with court evidence. Therefore, PDF files are used instead.

The exchange of PDF files is quite easy and an installation is not needed before access.

PDF files are independent of hardware, Operating System or software, thereby making it universal.

Creation of the files is quite easy and not time consuming in any way. The original size of a document can be decreased via PDF format, thus permitting the user to easily manipulate the document.

Word document format
MS word permits easy alteration of images in a document. It permits the extraction, insertion deletion and change in placement of images. All these features can’t be performed in a PDF files as it is a non editable format.

MS word format is a remarkable editor and which permits formatting of documents. The editing process is managed by intelligent automation.

Massive parts of text can be edited at fast rates with the use of MS word. Editing such as style, bulleting, numbering, font size, paragraph spacing, line spacing can be done on the document.

MS word acts as a word processor as it’s well known for. It is designed with a spell checker , alignment, grammar checking, macros, AutoSummarize as well as other elements to create nice content.

Users can make use of free convert PDF to word to permit editing of PDF files.