torque trading system

Scalping strategies to profit from crypto markets turbulence

Are you currently shying off from the plummeting and volatility of the prices in the crypto market? It is a reaction that is quite natural, especially when times are unpredictable. In most instances, media is drawn more to the negative attention. But as an experienced investor, you need to see the downtown of a market as a great opportunity. Maybe embracing the torque trading system strategy might be the best way to go.

When you lose a lot of money, you can panic about a cryptocurrency sell-off or crush. But if you know what you are doing, then you know for sure that there are various tools that you can utilize to make aot of profit in such times. 

The following are some of the tools you need to embrace:


It is a strategy that takes advantage of the small market movements fast exiting and entering positions during the day or an hour. The main aim is to make as many successful trades that are as small as possible while at the same time avoiding making any losses. There is no need for high returns in the trade. You need to be aiming at maintaining a higher loss/win ratio. 

In most instances, the size of the losing and winning trades tend to be the same, a small percentage of the entire portfolio, meaning, you need to win several times to make a good profit. Some strategies, such as the torque trading system, might let you lose several trades and make money by winning a few big trades. 

With scalper traders, the high volatility is avoided because they believe it is unpredictable. For a scalper, the best is to have a calm thin market with little or no volume at all. A thin market also tends to have huge spreads that are between bids and the asks, allowing scalpers to make profits easily on the gaps, having to buy on one side and then selling on the other side 

The advantages of scalping

When using scalping, it is considered to be safe. It uses very little of the time frames, and thus, possible to exit the trade whenever one feels like something happens to go wrong.  And also, if you happen to have a chain of bad trades, you will be in a position to stop and get a break to chill and relax. You have control over how much you lose and win. 

The cons of scalping

To use the scalping, you will require to have some experience reading indicators, and you also need to have discipline and patience. As the scalper trade, you will need to monitor charts very closely, having to stay close to the trading terminal so that you react very fast to the market. Changes Also, the scalper has to compete with the bots for trading, utilizing the scalp opportunities. They tend to be fast and efficient as they don’t get tired compared to the scalper traders, who are human and tend to tire up at some moment.

Having seen how scalping works and the pros and cons, you can use it knowing what to expect from it.