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Some frequently asked questions regarding kids cotton pyjamas

When you get out there to buy pyjamas, your main focus should not be on the price of the product. You need to consider other factors such as the material the pyjama is made from too in order to ensure that your child sleeps well at night. There are several vendors offering kids pyjamas sale at different prices, materials, and styles. You need to look around before you settle on a specific product. Even though there are several different fabrics used to make pyjamas, cotton seems to be the main one. Other common materials besides cotton are linen and silk. Cotton is a natural fabric that is extracted from the cotton plant and has been in use in the textile industry for a very long time. It offers several advantages including being breathable, lightweight, and soft. However, its insulation properties are very poor and may not be the ideal choice of material for pyjamas for use in cold places.

Let us take a look at some of the other pyjama FAQs.

How should pyjamas fit?
When you are shopping for boys short pyjamas, you need to consider the amount of comfort and freedom they offer. Will your child be able to move freely when they have the pyjamas on? You need to choose a pyjama that has enough elasticity so that your child won’t feel like they can’t move freely. There should be some level of elasticity at the back and drawstrings at the front in the pyjamas to allow free movement.

People or companies that sell pyjamas usually have size charts that you as a buyer can use to ensure that you select the perfect sleepwear for your loved one. If you are buying online and are not sure of the size you should be buying, you can talk to the customer care service so that they inform you of what to do so that you make the right choice.

How to take care of your pyjamas?
After you buy the perfect pyjama set, you need to be able to give it the kind of care it needs so that it can last as long as possible. Pyjamas that are manufactured from natural materials usually need to be given special attention. Pyjamas are supplied with care labels that contain specific instructions regarding how to take care of them. You should read, understand, and follow these instructions to the latter to avoid damaging your child’s pyjama set.

Pyjama sets made from cotton tend to shrink when you wash and dry them. You can avoid this by washing the pyjamas in cold water using your hands. If you choose to use laundry machine to wash them, you should keep the temperature of the water at 30 degrees Celsius.

When to wear pyjamas?
This is a question that is more complicated than it actually sounds. Most people will say that pyjamas should be worn at night, but we all know that it never happens that way. There are millions of people who spend the day in their pyjamas when they are indoors. Some even go to the local grocery store and mall in pyjamas.