non sticky bonus


People venture into casinos playing games for fun. They are always ready to spend some cash to get some entertainment. In addition to playing games, there are bonuses offered. Who wouldn’t like a bonus? The moment the term bonus appears on an online casino, it captures your eyes, and eager to find out how to benefit from it. A player is required to understand the type of bonuses offered by the casinos and the restrictions that comes with it.

Sticky bonus
These are bonuses that can't be cashed out. A player can bet and withdraw the initial winning amount after completing the stipulated requirements. However, the bonus remains in the player account for future bets.

A sticky bonus can be grouped into types.

Disappearing bonus/ Phantom
A disappearing bonus is added to player accounts after deposit and he/she uses to play with in various games like placing bets, buying free spins e.t.c. However, when a player decides to withdraw, the bonus will be deducted from the total cash.Usually, the bonus disappears from the player's account after claiming their cash. The player is advised to utilize the bonus before cashing out.

Expiring bonus
Expiring bonus means that after claiming the bonus exists for some time then disappears. An example of an expiring bonus is the promotional bonus.

Stick bonus mainly favors the casino rather than the players.

This bonus allows the player to cash out the bonus winnings and deposits. The bonus type depends on the type of player, i.e., a loyal player, or when the initial deposit is made.

This bonus is offered to gamers on condition to be fulfilled in order to cash out. A player can opt to use or not. There are different terms used by different casinos to refer to this type of bonus. These are:
- No sticky
- Non sticky
- Parachute
- Forfeitable
- Lifeline

The bonus is less complicated, with fewer wagering restrictions, and the players can cash anytime, hence making a healthy profit.

The no sticky bonus allows the player to use their deposited cash before using the bonus. For instance, a player can play with their deposited money, win and withdraw their cash. Therefore the player will not have to worry about wagering requirements.

It is less risky, and the player can calculate the expected bonus value they win after meeting the wagering requirements.

Advantages of a sticky bonus
- The player gets a chance to bet on larger bets and make huge profits.
- The player is not restricted on the games to play. Whichever game they choose, slots or table games.
- The bonus does have little or no wagering restrictions.
- In case the bonus expires because a player lost, the play can still cash out winning without necessary exceeding the balance they started with
Disadvantages of sticky bonuses
- The player can only use the bonus in the game but can't cash it out. The player only withdraws the cash after winning above the bonus amount.
- It is very risky as the deposited cash gets entangled with the bonus. A huge deposit can lead to losses at the player tries to score higher than the bonus.