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                                                                     An Ultimate Guide To Paint By Numbers

People who don’t know how to paint on their own but still love painting. Don’t worry here’s a solution for you. You can buy a paint by numbers kit from the market, and you are done. It’s clear from the name itself what comes inside this kit. This kit contains a traced drawing paper with different sections on the picture. These sections are filled with certain numbers. Colors and painting brushes are also provided in the kit. All you need to do is recognize the number written on the drawing sheet and color them accordingly.

Things to keep in mind before starting a paint by numbers kit
You must keep certain things in mind before starting your paint by numbers kit. The first and foremost thing to do is find a comfortable place for painting. Make sure you keep on changing your position after a while because sitting in the same position for hours can lead to neck and back pains. You can also choose between a canvas and a desk. This is as per your wish choose whatever is comfortable to you. If you are painting on a desk make sure there are no valuable items kept because watercolors can spill out while painting and can spoil your valuables. Before you start painting get small paper towels and a bowl of water. This could be used in mixing colors. Clicking a picture of your canvas will help you in the future. If in case you miss any number you can see it in the picture and paint. One more important thing to keep in mind is not to mess up all the colors at the same time. Pick up colors one by one and you will finish the painting easily. This is a paint by numbers tip.

How to prepare the canvas for paint by numbers kit?
You can use a gesso before painting on a canvas. Gesso is a primer that makes your painting smoother. However, it is not necessary to use a gesso while using a paint by numbers kit. The next thing is to stretch your canvas. For beginners, it becomes difficult to stretch a canvas. It is not necessary to do so while painting by numbers. But, if you want to stretch your canvas make sure you are doing it before painting. Stretching a canvas makes it more portable. Like if you love to paint outside your home or you have a fascination with outdoor paintings stretching your canvas will help.

Easy instructions to use paint by numbers kit
There are some instructions to use the paint by numbers kit easily and without getting messed up. First of all, unpack the kit and keep all the contents on a flat surface. This could be your desk or drawing table. Iron your canvas to remove any wrinkles from its surface. Put your canvas on a flat surface better secure it with masking tape. Fill up a small cup with water and do not forget to take paper towels as they can be used to clean your brushes. Match and recognize the numbers before starting to paint. Start painting with dark colors first and then go for light colors. I recommend you paint one by one. Clean the tip of your paintbrush every time you change the color.