RV windshield replacement

                                                The Basics of the RV Windshield Replacement Process

So, you've decided to get your RV window and you want it replaced with a brand new RV windshield. How the heck do you do that? First off, there are only two basic options for RV windshield replacement. You can either do it yourself (which is highly recommended) or have a trained professional come and do it for you. Either way, you're going to end up spending a lot of money on labor.

There are benefits to both of these options. The first benefit is that you can save tons of money by doing it yourself. If you go through a windshield replacement service (which is very likely) you will be paying someone somewhere between $100 and several hundred dollars to replace your windshield. If you replace it on your own you will only be paying this much out-of-pocket. By contrast, the total cost of a windshield replacement can be several thousand dollars if you hire a trained professional.

If you do decide to go through the entire process on your own, you will need some tools. These can be purchased at a local auto parts store, or at one of the larger chain retailers like Walmart. In addition to tools, you'll need to take some time to shop around. Because you will probably be replacing your windshield at different times in the year, it's a good idea to go to a few different stores to look at windshields. This will allow you to compare prices and styles without having to spend all day looking (which is a good way to make sure you're actually getting the best deal).

Next, you must remove your present windshield. This can be done quite easily using a hydraulic wrench. Once the old windshield is removed, it is important to remove the gasket that is holding it in place. You can easily do this by using an adhesive knife. After the gasket is removed you can safely tighten it with new screws.

Next, it's time to go to your location to purchase your new windshield. It's important that you choose a location that has an unobstructed view of the road ahead of time. Many of us are not comfortable installing windshields in locations where we may be dealing with other vehicles on the road.

The final step in the replacement process is to install the new windshield. You should follow the instructions that come with your particular brand of RV windshield. Follow all directions very carefully. Make sure you install it on the correct side for your vehicle and that you hold it securely in place while it is being held in place.