Jeep for Sale Near me

                                                                              Searching “Jeep For Sale Near Me”?

Jeeps have been the most liked utility vehicles used from the time of the second world war. But nowadays it is rarely seen. But what if you search “Jeep for Sale Near me” on google, ever wondered? You will get a variety of modified jeeps with an interesting paint job done on them.

These jeeps have a separate fan base and are likes by so many because of their power and macho look. Usually, people who are interested in bulky things all go for the jeep because of its utility and unrivalled power in comparison to other vehicles.

When we hear “jeep” we imagine a basic designed vehicle with four wheels, four gears, 2 front seats and either parallel or perpendicular seat arrangement for the rare siting. And that is the correct imagination. This is what you get when you talk about the jeep. But this popularity has still made it possible for the jeeps to stay in the market.

But the most popular question asked about jeep is “What does jeep stand for or why is jeep called jeep?”. The answer to this is that the JEEP stands for Just Enough Essential Parts. As the name suggests these vehicles were made for heavy military work without focusing on the luxury of the travellers and were the best suit for the said responsibility.

Now for the results of “Jeep for Sale Near me” on the net. We get a variety of options on the net. The most popular results we get is the Jeep Compass and Jeep Wrangler. Both of these are the first preferences one have when talking about buying a jeep.

Let’s compare both of them:

1. Engine Type: The Jeep compass has a 1.4 Multi-air petrol engine having a displacement of 1368 CC. While Jeep Wrangler has a 2.0T GME T4 DI TC engine with a displacement of 1998 CC. The jeep compass has a maximum power of 161bhp at 5500rpm while in Jeep Wrangler it is 268 bhp at 5150 rpm.

2. Interior: Jeep Compass has a sitting capacity of 5 and the same for Jeep Wrangler. Jeep has 5 doors, Boot space of 438 Land fuel tank capacity of 60 L, while Wrangler has a total of 5 doors, Boot space of 897 L and a fuel tank capacity of 81 L.

3. Cruise Control and Transmission: Both of them comes with cruise control and GPS navigation. While in wrangler we get 8 automatic gears with manual auto-ride and sport mode, Compass comes with manual 6 gears transmission.

4. Music System: In the Jeep wrangler, you get a total of 6+ speakers while in the Jeep compass you get only 4 speakers. This also means you have a good music experience with the Jeep wrangler as compared to that of Compass.

5. Safety: Safety being the most important feature, the Jeep compass has an Anti-pinch power window, speed sensing auto door lock, seat belts, ABS, EBD, Traction control system, driver and passenger airbags while in Wrangler we get, speed sensing auto door lock, seat belts, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Program and driver, passenger, drive-side and passenger-side airbags.