Pompe De Relevage

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Pompe de relevage is a lifting pump for fluids. It is installed in the ground. It helps to evacuate wastewater from a house to avoid leaks and other problems. The lifting pumps are used in events of flooding for cellars. It can also be used to empty a pool. Empty any flooded cellar or remove water from any flooded construction site. 

The POMPE DE RELEVAGE is utilized for two purposes. One is for domestic purposes and the other for discharging wastewater. The domestic purpose is when the pump is used for lifting clean, light water from a sink, taps, etc. The wastes that come out of toilets and bathrooms are called charged water wastes. For this type of waste, different pumps are used to lift the charged water. 

How do Pompe De Relevage work?

When it comes to sewage disposal, lifting pumps are also present. These are present at the lifting station. A lifting station is a tank that is placed somewhere in the vicinity of the dwelling. pompe de relevage is put up in this. It comes with a hydraulic power motor. It helps in the evacuation of wastewater and sends it to the sanitation system. 

Manual activation of Pompe de relevage is required. A lot of attention has to be provided to the filling of the tank, in the manual activation. As soon as the tank starts to fill, the pump motor is to be activated. It is necessary so that the tank can begin draining the water and evacuate it into the disposal pipe. The engine should be turned off after the tank gets empty. 

In the automatic ignition of the Pompe de relevage, there are many floats immersed in the tank. When the tank gets filled up, the floats get heavy and gain height as the water rises. When these floats reach a particular height, the motor starts working automatically. Then the wastewater is drained out of the tank. The process then stops automatically when the tank gets empty. 

Installation of Pompe de relevage

Installing a lifting pump is quite simple. Pompe de relevage should be placed in a location with two inlets and two outlet pipes. The place must also have a tank for the drainage of wastewater. Then the pump should be connected to the inputs via the attaching metal collars. The exhaust should be connected to the pump outlet. It should direct towards the water collector. All the fittings should be tightened and it should be made sure that they are waterproof. 

Maintenance of Pompe de relevage

The Pompe de relevage does not work with the attitude of install and forget. They need proper maintenance. The Pompe de relevage for clean water should be cleaned every three months after use. In case of the lifting pump for charged water, (water that comes from toilets and bathtubs), the Pompe de relevage should get cleaned once every month. This pump is clogged with different types of waste. Hence it needs frequent cleaning.