4 Precautions For Proper Flag Pole Installation

It might be an exciting time to shop for flag poles and install them on your lawn just to show how deep your love for your country goes. Businesses can also hoist their own brand flag beside the national flag which is why one cannot afford to get the process wrong. You should find the right American flag pole first when looking for one to buy besides having the right installation guide to mitigate or prevent any mistakes one would have made. Consider the following precautions discussed below when purchasing and installing flag poles for your compound.

Do Not Use Ready-Made Cement 

You should dig a hole that is large enough to accommodate the pole and the filler materials to hold it in place. Dig a hole with a girth that is four times the diameter of the flag pole in order for it to accommodate everything perfectly. Uses crushed stones for filling the hole and avoid using ready-made cement instead mix the regular cement with concrete and allow for drying to attain the stability you need. You furthermore have to avoid using a lot of cement during the filling process to mitigate if not prevent any chances of overflows.

Add A Flash Collar Before Installation 

This is the last thing you should do for your flag pole before you insert it into the ground. Put the flash collar around your flag pole of choice before filling the hole considering you will be unable to bring it downwards from the top after installation. Remember to get this done early can save you from a lot of inconveniences in the future for instance having to redo the installation process again. You shall know all these details when doing research on flag pole installation to allow for early shopping of everything that is needed to make the installation complete and quality.

Support For Long Flag Poles 

For homeowners that want to install flag poles in areas with tall residential buildings, it is only right that some form of support is geared towards the same for stability. This is for a flag pole that measures over 40 feet. Choose some form of an extension piece to help give the flag pole the ground sleeve needed to hold up stably. Your choice of extension should be reasonable to not be visible from the ground however it should neither go too deep into the installation hole.

Choose The Right Flag Pole For The Area

There are a lot of flag pole sellers that you can check out online and near you when shopping. For you to make the right choices, consider looking for a flag pole that suits not just the lawn area but also your durability demands. This means paying attention to both the height of the flag pole, the size, and most importantly the quality of material used to make it. Poor choice of flag pole can increase your maintenance costs if not bore you with recurrent replacement needs.