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                                                                            HOOD VS WOLF slot game review

Free slot games are not only safe but also provide the player with a lot of excitement and rewards without having to invest a single penny. For those who are regular Japanese comic book readers, they might find this slot game quite relatable, but for others, this free slot game will be fresh air to breathe in. it is designed by one of the first mobile slot creators, PG Soft.

The slot game is available at the PG Bet slot camp as part of the free slot games list available on the slot camp. Even though the storyline is related to the exciting little red riding hood, the slot game follows the pattern of a typical classic slot. With 5 reel and 30 paylines, the rules are quite simple, spin the reel till you win.

Even though the game is similar to every other slot game, the features are quite distinct and unique. The features of this free slot game include progressive bonus bars, battles of rocks, papers, and scissors, along with the standard free spins. The special features are well incorporated in the slot game to make the gaming experience rewarding and surprising overall.

The Storyline
Inspired from the children's popular tale the little red riding hood, Hood VS wolf the slot games have high-quality graphics designing to illustrate the game beautifully along with usage of top-notch quality sound effects that keeps the players hooked up. A mesmerizingly soundtrack involving guitars runs as the background music throughout the game.

The creators have effectively incorporated the popular Japanese cartoon as the storyline of the slot game. As the players will get completely involved in the game, they will notice the cartoon characters, hood, and wolf having a face-off. The wolf supposedly growls in anger while the hood cries for help in Japanese. The entire face-off looks nothing less than a movie scene. The unique content of the slot game is what keeps the players coming back to the game every single day.

Stakes and Reward
You get the power to adjust the stakes before you dive into some action. Although 16 different features are available in the slot game, only 11 of them actually reward you with some real cash. The wild card is one of the most special features and has the potential to substitute the normal symbols with the 5 different special symbols. Along with the reel-spinning, you will also see a lot of rock, paper, and scissor action going on. These symbols give out special rewards including cash in random order.

The power bars of the hood or wolf would increase or decrease as the game goes on. The free spins act standard like any other slot game.

Hood VS wolf is a free slot game that provides the players with plenty of chances to win some real cash real quick. The rules are pretty simple, spin the reel and win rewards. you can find the game on the website of slot 67.