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Features of Butler Service

Round-the-clock service provides you with seamless convenience
Need to make a sudden trip to town in the middle of the night? Find a butler Our butlers are able to accommodate any request that you may have at any time of the day, if you choose to employ our butler services on a 24-hour rotating shift basis. Be it running simple errands such as making a restaurant reservation or more complicated tasks like organising a birthday party, our butlers have no troubles rising up to any occasion, providing you with much-needed assistance as and when you require it.

Reliable butlers plan your schedule for you in advance
With a keen eye for detail, our butlers are able to help you to plan and keep track of your personal schedule, just as a personal assistant would do for you at work.

Our butlers are also trained to possess a good grasp of your personal preferences like the back of their hands to ensure a tailor-made butler experience customised to your preferences. From the size of your shirt to any food allergies that you may have, our reliable butlers help you to make arrangements that suit you best.

Extensive network makes things effortless
Craving for a short family trip to a neighbouring country over the weekend? Our butlers can help you to make flight and hotel arrangements faster than ever before.

Possessing extensive networks with some of the region’s premier hotels and food establishments, count on our butlers to help you snag that sweet reservation you have been eyeing for that particular hotel or restaurant.

Should you need a luxury limousine ride to town or a yacht experience on sea, out butlers can also make it happen for you.

Sound asset investment advice
We know it can be exhausting monitoring your financial assets all the time, and in economic downturns you might not know whether to buy or sell.

Need sound investment advice or someone to manage your financial portfolio? Some of our top butlers possess extensive investment experience and can help you reap the highest returns on your investments in the long run.