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Since well over a decade ago, Sports Wax Promotions has been working in the field of sports business. We have been in this industry for such a long time that we have ties with almost all of the clubs in the lower leagues as well as some of the teams in the big leagues. The vast majority of our trading cards have been graded by the authentication services of PSA and Beckett.



Due TOur Extended Career, WKnow Most Lower League Teams


Because of the length of time that we have been in this industry, we have established contacts with almost all of the minor league teams. We have ties to a large number of clubs in the big leagues as well. If you are interested in showing your North Carolina card show at Sports Wax Promotions, then we are able to assist you in this endeavor.



Several Major League Teams Are Anxious TSign Our Clients' Sportsmen


In addition to this, we collaborate with a number of big league clubs who are eager to sign our customers' athletes. This includes Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the National Football League, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) along with its member schools, conferences, and institutions. Also included are Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.



PSA And Beckett Rated Most OOur Trading Cards


Most of our trading cards have been authenticated and graded by either PSA or Beckett, the industry's two most prominent authentication organizations. These two companies have a combined proportion of the market equivalent to 80 percentage points in the industry's grading services sector. They are widely considered to be the most reputable company offering these services. 


A star rating is used for card condition, and a 10-point scale is used to determine the total card grade (PSA uses letters instead of numbers). The main difference between the two is that PSA only uses one grade for all sports, but Beckett uses several ratings for different sports (baseball, basketball, and football/soccer), depending on which sport the card belongs to.



Authenticate Your Trading Cards ASports Wax Promotions


If you have some amazing trading cards and you want to be sure that they are genuine, then Sports Wax Promotions is the place to go. The only way to know for certain that an autograph is genuine is to have it authenticated by a third party. It all depends on who signed the card and how well they performed in their sport when they were playing it to determine how much money an autographed card is worth. 


Having your signature certified by Sports Wax Promotions is the only way to know for certain that it was signed by the player in question. Grading standardizes every sports card sold at auction or via dealers worldwide. This helps to ensure that collectors all over the globe get consistent value for their collections. Choose Sports Wax Promotions for card grading to guarantee you obtain excellent cards for your money.





If you want the PSA or Beckett Authentication services to authenticate or grade your trading cards, you should go to Sports Wax Promotions. They are the experts in this field. Since we have been in this business for well over 20 years, we have earned a reputation for being trustworthy due to our honesty, fairness, and dependability. We'll help you get autographs from your favorite athletes for trading cards.