Why you should use the Serp Checker for your business?

No need for manual labour or paying an expert – visit their site today and gain free keyword tracking support that can be used in SEO optimization today! We try not only to produce a report with cleanly organized tables that show your site’s performance on various aspects but also provide valuable advice for taking advantage of those metrics. 

This service by Zutrix can help improve your website ranking by showing you what keywords other sites are ranking for and you can use this data to inform your content strategy. Sign up now for our serp checker keyword tracker! We have everything from an entire list of all high-ranking keywords, detailed reports on how well your site is performing as well as advice for taking advantage of these metrics in order to improve your SEO optimization efforts today. 

Keyword Tracker Features: 

  1. A complete list of high-ranking keywords, including the number of visits and competition 
  2. Comprehensive data about keyword rankings and trends 
  3. The ability to filter results by date range or type combined with advanced filtering options like country filters allow you to easily find the right information quickly. Don’t wait any longer 


This keyword tracker is designed to help you better understand the traffic your website gets from Google for specific keywords. It does not provide any information on rankings or other data related to search engine optimization. The tool displays statistics in a tabular form, including the number of times searched and searches per month. To retrieve stats for another site, enter its URL into the box at the bottom-left corner of the screen then click "Refresh Stats." 

This tool offers a variety of statistical data related to your site's ranking on Google and the number of times it is searched for specific keywords. The free version only tracks one website, while paid versions are available that allow you to track up to three sites at once. 

This could be useful if you have more than one website or blog and want to compare statistics between them. One nice feature this tracker includes is an option for tracking the keyword "google." It can also report duplicate content issues found with different URLs containing the same page title along with backlinks pointing from other websites towards yours.

What you can gain from the tracker!

The serp checker tool can be used for tracking the success of keyword campaigns and SEO optimization. It is also a great way to monitor your competitors' keywords, which you can then use in future projects to outrank them. 

The tool works by retrieving data from Google's SERP pages; this will provide an indication as to where they rank for each respective search term on page one or two. By determining how many visits each webpage receives based on these particular rankings, it becomes possible to quantify the value of that ranking position. This information is invaluable when evaluating different marketing strategies because it allows users to compare various approaches against one another with regards to their potential ROI (returns on investment).