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Effects of weed on your body and mind

There are so many names for weed, many people call it marijuana, pot, weed, grass, and many more names; people purchase weed online or in the local markets. People use the drug for pleasure, medicinal value, or recreation. They smoke it, ingest, vape, drink or use it in form of creams and body lotions. The number of people using weed is increasing daily as shown by the world health organization report. This substance alters the performance and functioning of your brain and body. The users can become slaves and addicts of weed if they use it for long and it might be harmful to their health conditions. The article lets us consider some of the harmful effects of using weed.

1. It distorts your thinking
2. You can get hooked
3. Damage your lungs
It distorts your thinking

High use of weed can cloud your sense organs and judgment .this effects can vary depending on various things like; what was the quantity of weed that you used, how it was taken into your body may be by ingesting, smoking, drinking, or applying through lotions and body creams and the content of marijuana you have used in the past.

This marijuana can distort your thinking through; heightening your sense where you might normal colors appears very bright and sounds seem screaming so loud. It also distorts your sense of time, in the morning can seem in the afternoon to you.

It also interferes with your motor skills and that why driving will be so dangerous to the user.it lowers your inhabitations and you may engage in risky sex or other things that can bring problems to you.

You can get hooked
Marijuana users in most cases become addicted, the study shows that about 1 out of 10 people who use weed become addicted. It’s hard to stop this addiction and it so sad that it may ruin your relationships, your health, your job, and your financial status.

Many teens are using weed in the current world than at any other time. Weed has also physical damages to the user like; restless, lack of sleep; loss in appetite, body withdrawal, and making you irritated.

Damage your lungs
Continual use of weed inflames and irritates your lungs. You might experience issues such as; breathing difficulties; persistent coughing with colored mucus and you may get lung infections. This can be so because THC has substances that weaken the immune system causing you trouble in terms of health if you keep using it.

In general, we have analyzed the effects that come with being an addict to cannabis. You may distort your thinking and mind function. You can get hooked, and such addictions cause body withdrawal, lack of sleep, restlessness, irritation, and loss of appetite. It can also lead to job loss, affect your relationships, destroy your health, and misuse of finances. Then lastly, it may damage your lungs hence persistent coughing and extraction of colored mucus, breathing difficulties, and lung infections. So avoid using excess weed.