Steps To Selling Your Annuity


If you are looking at a place where you can get advice related to annuity and some guidance in the whole process of selling them then at Structured Settlement Market Place you will get it all. It is the right place to take help from. Their team will help you to sell the annuity faster, more efficiently, and really simple. You can visit their website to know more about contacting them. They have a very comfortable and transparent environment for all the clients. You can discuss all your queries with them or write to them on their email id.


The Process To Sell The Annuity


The whole process is simple and takes only a few steps. With their team of experts, you will not have to put in any effort as they will help you in each step and advice you on what is right and wrong. Let us look at the steps involved.


  • Step:1 Contact The Customer Representative 


The first and foremost step to begin the whole process is to contact their customer representatives. They will sit with you and help you with all your problems. When you want to sell an annuity, you can have lots of questions in your mind. Their team will try their best to solve them. You can decide if their offer suits you or not.


  • Step:2 Choose The Right Sale Option For Your Need


The next step is to decide which sale option will suit your need. They have an online annuity calculator on their website through which you can calculate the amount on each sale option and select the most viable one. Once you have decided which option you will go ahead with, they can then help you to get the funds as early as possible.


  • Step:3 Doing The Paperwork


The next step is to complete the paperwork. You can the buyer will have to make the sale official and that entails the need of paperwork. It will include the signed copy of your annuity contract, a contract where you approve the buyer for the sale of your annuity, and lastly, the ownership document if needed.


  • Step:4 Approving The Changes And Signing The Document


Once the plan has been selected and the paperwork is done the next stage is to approve the changes and sign the documents. All the documents will be sent to the insurance company that will give the payments. The insurance company will make the desired changed and they will intimate the buyer to send the you amount for the annuity sale. It can be lump-sum cash or as decided by you.


  • Step:5 Funds


Once the buyer receives the information from the insurance company, he will transfer the funds to your bank and from there you can cash the money and use it as you want.

This is the whole process of selling annuity with them. It is simple and fast and there are no hurdles in between. If you also want to sell your annuity you can contact them.