Most people argue that they've been following this guy for months, and he always wins, and he posts his plays before the game. Well, don't buy their pics. It's not worth your cash. This article will give you the reasons why tippers are not to be trusted. Tippers or tout is anyone who promises they can predict winners at any sporting event in exchange for a fee.

It’s tough to win at sports betting, especially in the major markets. That's why people prefer MMA and boxing. It's a lot easier to beat those markets compared to NBA, NFL MLB, which tends to be hard to win anything over 50%. However, touts make claims that they win 60% 70% against the spread and sometimes even higher than that. If you see increased numbers like that, it should be a massive red flag that someone is probably lying to sell your picks.

Shady information
Tippers leaving out key information about how good they are at sports betting. They don't post their records, and a third party rarely verifies them. There's a couple of sites out there that a person can join where they record your bets before the games take place, and they confirm that the odds being claimed to have gotten realistic based on what was available at that time in the market.

Guesswork pics
Tippers will usually not give out too much information about how they're coming up with these picks. They'll either say something like how they're good at picking games and have a knack for this or use a mystery model that tells them who to bet on but can't give you too much information about it. Unreliable betting conditions betting are two separate arts. Meaning there's handicapping, which is coming up with what the line should be, and then there's getting the best line when you place that bet down. When someone's winning long term at sports betting, at least some of that will be due to them getting the best line available. If you're paying for picks and someone's telling you to bet on a particular team money line, you may not be getting the same line that they got on that bet. And even if they do tell you exactly what odds they bet, those odds might not still be available when you bet them.

It increases your betting merger
If you're paying any amount at all for picks, you will never have the same advantage as the person you're buying the pics from. Meaning if using a little bit of math, for example, someone charges twenty dollars in exchange for telling you which team to bet on. If you bet a hundred dollars on that team to win, you would expect that 5% edge, to win back five dollars on average, but you paid twenty dollars for the pic. Hence the real expected return is negative fifteen dollars. To make back at least that twenty dollars that you spend, you'd have to be wagering a minimum of four hundred dollars on every game. This doesn't make sense unless you have a bankroll of at least several thousand dollars. That’s probably why talents consistently inflate their winning percentage. They want the customer to justify the amount they're paying for these picks by believing that they will win back even more. Livescore Sports betting usually has a small margin, and sharing profits is never guaranteed to recover your money. Working hard at handicapping and finding the best lines is not only much more realistic but also much more courting than merely paying someone $100 on and hoping that they know what they're doing.