solution dyed nylon

What is Solution Dye Nylon?

What is Solution Dyed Nylon? That's a question I get asked quite often from carpet retailers and customers. It's a common question because it's a very new process that is being used to produce high quality carpeting at a lower cost. The end result is a much higher quality carpet with a more uniform color.

Dyed nylon carpeting is more expensive than traditional nylon carpeting. What is Solution Dyes? The process of using dyes for carpeting involves applying a coating of dye to the backing paper. The carpeting is cured temporarily by exposing it to an open flame, which breaks down the bonds holding the dye to the paper.

When I heard about this process, I was very intrigued. Carpeting in my house has been getting a little worn over time. There are a lot of spills on the carpet. Over time, I've learned the carpet becomes a bit worn. My husband is a great help. He tends to leave tracks, coffee and other allergens on the carpet, especially near the front door entrances.

I was looking for a new way to keep my floors looking new. My husband brought up this idea as do-it-yourself carpet cleaners are too expensive. So, he let me in on his little secret - it's easy, inexpensive and he made sure to get a receipt when he was through cleaning.

So, here is what I learned. Solution Dyed Nylon is carpeting that has been treated with a special resin. Resin solutions are used to add additional protection to carpeting and to protect the carpeting from wear and tear, stains, and odors. Some manufacturers use a polyester material, while others use an epoxy resin mixed with nylon and other materials.

The manufacturers and dealers of this product will tell you that it resists dirt, dust, and stains. It is resistant to abrasion, fading, and staining from liquids. The carpeting stays fresh longer because of its resistance to water. It also maintains its shine. What is Solution Dyed Nylon? Is it something that is good for your carpet?

Yes, it is. I tried it on a sectional carpet in our home and it looked great. My husband was very happy with the results. So, if you have problem areas in your carpeting such as crevices, holes, or mildew, you should consider trying this carpet cleaning option.

We plan on vacuuming, washing, and treating our carpets with this product over the next year or so. I can't tell you how much better my husband feels when he comes home from work and sees the beauty of our house. If you have some problem areas in your carpet, don't despair. Dyed nylon carpet can fix them up! I'm sure you will agree.

Solution Dye Nylon is easy to apply. You just spray it over your carpeting and then stand back while it set overnight. Then, just vacuum it up at least a week later. When I worked in the carpet cleaning industry, I know I used a lot of cleaning agents and decreases because most carpeting was already stained and dried.

There are different brands of this carpet product available today. We like Nylononic and Dygraf. They are both powdery and smell less chemically related than some of the others. What is Solution Dye Nylon? This carpeting product has a high poplar rating. In fact, it has received rave reviews by carpeting consumers.

These carpeting products dry quickly and make a vacuumed carpet look brand new. Our carpets showed moderate fading of about two to six months but it still looks as beautiful as when we first purchased it. The one complaint we have heard from customers is that it does not bond with their carpet or their existing carpet fibers. If you are considering this product, be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendation for application procedures and then follow the directions.

What is Solution Dye Nylon? This carpet is very easy to care for. Many companies offer an installation service for those who would like to install it themselves. If you do not want to install it yourself, you can rent it from companies such as Dygraf, King Pro, and Carpet Shops.