Ruger vaquero holster

Ruger Vaquero Holster Is The Best Holster Yet

There are many sports played around us. Many people love sports that consist of aiming at a point. Archery, rifle shooting, and air gun shooting are some of these sports. Even in these sports, gun holsters like the Ruger vaquero holster are the main accessory. 


Children and adults both play these sports. So their safety and the gun’s safety are vital here. Mishaps can happen anywhere and at any time. We should always be a step ahead in case of safety and security. Sometimes even the smallest mistake can turn into a huge one. 


To avoid this, the Ruger vaquero holster is the best option to protect your gun and also others from acquiring it. We can always rely on this holster for a less complicated usage and ensure the safety of the gun and also others. 


As the holster is directly attached to a waistband it becomes less complicated to wear it and makes the gun very handy to the user. Also, it is protected from a flap cover so no one else can take it out from your holster easily. 


It is weightless and the user doesn’t feel uncomfortable while using it at all. Also, the gun can be swiftly replaced in the Ruger vaquero holsters after using it by the player. Also, there are compartments available to keep extra bullets so the user doesn’t have to carry them in their pocket all the time. 


There are many models of the Ruger vaquero holster that are available for sale online. They are in different shapes, sizes, and colors. All these different holster models are available on many online websites and apps for home delivery. 


Different Ruger Vaquero Holster Models Available Online- 

  1. Santa Fe Cross Draw (Model 1860- 1)- This gun holster model was found in the southern part of Mexico almost two centuries ago. It has a three-inch wide belt with around 24 molded loops to place the bullets. They are made from pure leather for single and double-action revolvers. It is even double stitched to ensure its durability and also gives it a stylish look. 
  2. Santa Fe Cross Draw (Model 1860- 2)- This is almost similar to its first version except the waist belt and holster are not attached. The border is beautifully hand-stamped which gives it an amazing look. 
  3. Single prospector rig- It is inspired by the Californian patterned holsters from the mid-1800s. It has a triple curve which gives the user easy access to the gun in case of crisis. They are available for single-action revolvers. 
  4. Prospector gun belt- this gun holster design is also derived from the Californian patterned holsters around the mid-1800s. It is very similar to the single prospector rig except for its design and color. 
  5. Hand tooled prospector- It is identical to its previous versions except that it is available for Ruger vaqueros guns too. The make is similar but the design is a little bit different from the previous two.