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5 Reasons Why Weed Is Popular Amongst Today's Generation

Marijuana is a kind of psychoactive drug made from the dried flowers, seeds, stems, and leave of the Cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa. This drug has become quite popular amongst today’s generation. Different names exist for the drug that comes from the cannabis plant.  However, the effect of it and the reasons why people smoke it remains the same. Do you wish to find out why today’s generation consume weed? Here in the post, we will be enlisting five major reasons why weed is so popular among people.  

  • Enhance the learning ability: Before all else, the consumption of marijuana helps to enhance the learning ability of the individual. It majorly helps the person become more creative and dedicated towards whatever work the person is involved in. Most of the artists smoke weed for this very purpose as it boosts their creative skills.  
  • Help lose your weight: If you look at the people who consume weed, you will notice that almost all of them are lean. The consumption of weed helps to lose the extra fat that one has. It has been proved through many studies that the tetrahydrocannabinol in the drug help to reduce the weight of the individual when one consumes the same. 


  • Aid in fighting depression: Many individuals Buy Weed to fight depression-related issues. The consumption of marijuana help individuals to fight the anxiety attacks that one gets when one is in depression. It is considered a medicine for fighting depression or any issues related to mental health. Henceforth, doctors in many cases also recommend it.  
  • Fight alcohol addiction: Furthermore, weed consumption also helps to fight alcohol addiction. If you have a strong addiction to alcohol then, you can start consuming marijuana. It will help you cut down your consumption of alcohol. The weed in comparison to alcohol does not cause much harm. Hence, it will be best to start smoking weed instead of your drinking habits. 
  • Help to mend bones: Well, not always it is about the enjoyment only. The live resin helps to mend the bones as well. It is used to cure several diseases and hence most people consume it. If you have had any fractures and your bones are strong then, it is advisable to inject yourself with the weed. However, you will still need to look at the law of your and to be sure of whether you can consume it.  

These were among the five significant reasons behind weed consumption. Many more reasons exist as to why today’s generation consumes weed so popularly. The weed indeed has many health benefits. This cannot be denied that the consumption of weed is not completely negative. It brings along with it a plethora of benefits for both your mental and physical health. So, consume it to cure the various problems that you might be facing but only after the consultation.