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Using TikTok to boost business

About 87% of marketers in 2020 embraced the use of Facebook alone, which made it to be the most popular social media platform. Instagram came in second with about 75% with twitter in number three at about 66%. The three seem to be the platforms which are hottest when it comes to business marketing with Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube following in tow. So why buy TikTok followers for your business marketing? TikTok is at the moment entering into the scene with a potential that is quite promising.

Businesses haven’t saturated the TikTok platform yet, which provides you with a good opportunity of being free from competitors. The following are some of the advantages of using TikTok for your business marketing:

TikTok is known to provide a large audience
With over 800 million users who are active, TikTok is one of the social media platforms which is popular. It earns it a spot which is below Instagram which is at about 1 billion users who are active. In the social media app usership, it is the seventh most used, placing it above the Snapchat and the Twitter which are in the 12th and the 13th positions respectively.

Because businesses are already on the other apps, what should stop them from being on TikTok when it tends to have more users as compared to twitter and Snapshot combined? For lack of being on TikTok, businesses miss out on a huge audience. If the market that you target is between ages 16 to 24 years of age, it is important that you try to launch on the platform. It is demographics which comprises of the main app, which makes up to 41% of users.

Most marketers do make mistakes of thinking that it is a fad, but the over 800 million users do not agree. Instagram started with young adults and teens also, and now there are millions of businesses which are using it.

TikTok is all over the world
China, India, the USA do account for the majority of TikTok downloads but that is not to mean that it is not popular in the other parts of the world. It is still known to be standing at a solid presence in over 150 countries. What does such mean to you? It denotes that you will have a chance of being able to reach your market scale worldwide.

For businesses that are in various locations, it tends to be a good way of being able to localize their various marketing strategies. They can be able to come up with campaigns in various languages to be able to relate to their different market. It is possible to also utilize the local creators of content to be their TikTok as they too happen to have influence.

So whatever you choose to embrace, chances are that, using TikTok will enhance your business presence throughout the world and thus, increase your sales and make you to increase your profits. It is a proven fact.