What are the types of 1911 Holsters

A handgun holster is a device that holds or restricts the unwanted movement of a handgun, usually in a location where it could be conveniently withdrawn for instant use. Holsters are frequently connected to a belt or waistband, and they're often attached to other parts of the human body.Below mentioned are some types of 1911 holsters- 


Foxx Holsters Colt 1911 

The foxx holster is just a tuckable style that attaches to your belt or jeans with clips. The primary1911 holster is comprised of molded Kydex and fits a Colt 1911 quite tightly. Because the holster is designed to fit within the waistline and the Kydex is particularly made for 1911. The trigger protector and the whole length of a five-inch barrel are likewise fully covered by the holster. The Foxx is a good option for those who prefer a tuckable style and low pricing.


1791 Gunleather 1911 Holster 

The 1791 leather holster is available in four amazing color combinations, and the leather and sewing quality is up to the 1791 company's customary high standard. The holster framework has two belt openings on the sliding side for adjustable cant, and the leather is well molded to the 1911 holster frame.

The belt openings can hold belts up to 1.75 inches in height, and the holster incorporates a thumb band that tightens to the inside for increased retention. The thumb release is quick to open, but as it attaches on the inside, drawing quickly will likely take some skill.


Relentless Tactical IWB Holster

Whisky Brown is one of three colors available for the Relentless Tactical IWB leather holster. Midnight Black with Charred Oak Two pieces of leather are used on the front of the holster to make it more durable, especially where the clip links, which is where wear and tear might occur over time.


This1911 holster protects the trigger protector as well as the entire length of a five-inch rifle barrel, but it can accommodate any barrel length. The fact that this holster fits within the waistline but the leather stops just short of the hammer and tang is something to consider. 


TACwolf IWB Holster 

The Tac is made up by from soft neoprene material with extra padding on the within of the holster. Neoprene and Nylon 1911 holsters are usually cheaper options but the Tac holster is well made and has dual stitching round the clip and a screw tac to make sure that the belt clip is going to be firm and withstand everyday use. 


Fobus R1911 Evolution Holster 

Fobus is an Israeli company that started off making holsters for the military. As a result, they're basic, tough, and based on a lot of user feedback. It's an OWB paddle that's quite pleasant to wear.


The Fobus has passive retention that may be modified using a screw. For greater concealment, the holster is meant to ride low on the hip. The Fobus has a unique characteristic in that it can fit 1911s with frames rails for illumination and red dot modifications.