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Frequently asked questions about Ledger wallet

As digital currency is becoming a house hold name, many of us have begun our crypto journey which I hope we’re all doing well in. in respect to that, whether you’ve heard about Download ledger wallet (다운로드 렛저 지갑), you’re still yet to Ledger Live Download (렛저 라이브 다운로드), or you just currently started using live ledger, you may be having some difficulties or you’re just curious about it, in this article, we’ve gathered some questions that we think is important for everyone. Below are some frequently asked questions about ledger wallets and answers to them. If you still have more questions, feel free to contact us and we will reply.

I lost my ledger wallet, is it possible to get it back?
Yes, a lot of us are ignorant about this and move forward to creating an entirely different wallet thereby losing the coins you had in your other wallet. If this is you, it is important that you know that you can restore your lost wallet by using the recovery key you wrote down when you set up the wallet. It is also important that you store this keys in a safe place if you’re the kind that does not remember things very fast.

Can I restore all crypto currencies with just one backup?
Well, this depends on the type of wallet that you use, most wallets support more than just one cryptocurrency, but only generate one backup regardless. And this one backup is enough to restore all your crypto currencies. If you know you change your devices very quickly, all the time, you may want to consider back up your crypto currency very frequently to avoid had I know.

How does a ledger wallet work?
all kinds of ledger wallets are not very different from each other because they all have the same goal at heart. The wallet is a special type of wallet used to store all your coins such as bitcoin and Ethereum. I must say, the security of ledger wallets are top notch so I believe your coins are in perfect condition. You have a particular key linked to your wallet that only should know. However, it is important that you study the wallet very well before you start using it, so that you don’t mistakenly lose your hard earned coins.

If there are new crypto currencies, is it possible to add them to the wallet?
Well, this again depends on the wallet that you are using, most hardware wallets does not support adding new crypto currencies to the wallet just yet. However, some of them are seriously working towards having that fixed and checked so that people can add new crypto currencies that come out.

Can I make use of different devices as well as a ledger live?
Yes, the ledger live application can be used with many ledger devices. It’s easier if the different devices have the same recovery seed. But if they have different recovery seeds, you must connect the wallet beforehand.