IPTV streaming

3 Reasons why the Majority have not subcribed to the best IPTV Services

As we’ve seen previously, IPTV means Internet Protocol TV. Now, besides this device, can you name another few internet-based devices?  I believe the smartphone is one of them, a laptop among others. Just the way you enjoy browsing and streaming on these devices, similarly, you can do more with IPTV. This means the challenges you meet when using a smartphone or laptop while accessing internet services aren’t exceptional in IPTVs. It won’t be fair if I fail to mention the most gigantic and giant appearing challenges you will face. Hitting the giant will make other smaller challenges disappear by themselves. The following reasons are why the best IPTV server aren’t common to many people;

  1. Internet speed factor
  2. Suspicious websites 
  3. Additional decoding costs

Internet Speed Factor 

There has been tremendous growth in internet speed. Can you recall when you used to use a 1G, 2G networks? How boring was it! But we’ve got something to smile about on our current 4G and incoming 5G network. 

The highest speed network ever is seen. However, this internet connectivity technology is not evenly distributed everywhere. Your smartphone can testify to this. Why does it switch to 2G from 4G when you’re in certain places?

 Anyway, just imagine of a case, you were watching a football league, then when your best team's ball is about to get into opponent’s goal’s post, the signals get lost! This is just one of the challenges you’ll face if the internet is an issue in your place. The list is long, think of disruptions when watching your best movies!

Suspicious Websites 

Wherever the internet is mentioned, a website can’t be ignored. A website is a collection of web pages. This is where we get information. To get this article, you browsed a certain website, right? Now, some ill-minded people try to design programs that appear to be useful to trick you, once you download them, they become a threat to your data.

 These wolf-like programs covered by sheep’s skin include the virus, Trojan horse, and worms. A virus will auto run and damage all files in your TV or any other device you connect to that TV e.g. flash disk. A Trojan horse will appear to be a useful program, e.g. a game, but in the background, it’ll be stealing your data. Be careful of these websites. Avoid websites with initials.

Additional Decoding Costs

To receive information e.g. news and live stream sports, data has to be transferred from the source to your IPTV. Any data on the internet is transferred in analog mode, and for it to work in your digital TV (analog TVs are no longer in use in most countries), the analog data has to go through a demodulation process and display in your IPTV. 

This means registering to IPTV isn’t enough. You need a decoder to digitize the signals to be compatible with your TV. This makes IPTV be a choice of a few.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about owning an IPTV is a thought that supports technological advancement today. However, despite the benefits you get from the Tv, there are also drawbacks which make it a choice of few people. Knowing these drawbacks equip you with skills to handle them meaning you won’t face any threat from technological TV advancement.