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How To Choose The Right Ruger Vaquero Holster?

Ruger vaquero is quite a famous cowboy-style revolver and such a classy, cinematic shotgun needs basic protection from losing its charm. All of us are aware of holsters, and different types of holsters based on the materials they are made up of, and in this article, we will be seeing a few things about holsters, their manufacturing, and finding the right holster as Ruger vaquero holsters.

Usually, holsters are quite famous for being made up of leather, but there are many holsters available in different materials, made up of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, rayon, etc. But most of the gun holsters, preferable are leather, and here we can find below how much care and precautions are taken to manufacture a leather holster and why it is preferred for Ruger vaquero.

Manufacturing Ethics For A Leather Holster

  • The leather is obtained from the hide part, that is the backside of the animal where the skin is of good quality 
  • Hand burnishing and sanding techniques are used which helps in maintaining the smooth, shiny finish of the leather.
  • The polishing and finishing with a clear coating of anti-fungal liquid to protect the leather from bugs
  • Belts are made using heavy-duty Saddle leather of 9 oz.
  • Hand-dying is followed so as to protect the natural leather color from wearing off.

What To Look In Ruger Vaquero Holsters?

As Ruger vaquero has many models like Blackhawk, and wrangler, with different barrel sizes, it's important to look for the exact specification of the revolver you own, so you will be able to buy a perfect fitting, Ruger vaquero holster. You can look into the below steps as a guide for how and what to look into while buying holsters for Ruger vaquero.

  • Hand position: If you are a left-handed shooter or right-handed, based on that, select the holster, preferably leather with affordable prices already out. There are holsters available for lefties such as a barrel belt holster and for the right hand, a calvary flap holster is the best.
  • Barrel size compatibility: Check for holsters that can support a range of barrels. Bianchi’s holsters usually are compatible with a wide range of barrel sizes and one purchase can be used for different models of Ruger vaquero holster.
  • Easy access and retention: Book for trial sessions, ask the customer service for trial or demo sessions where ever you are trying to buy the holsters and check for how easy and convenient it is to break the thumb and draw the revolver and how quick and easy it is to put the gun back and also to retain the gun while traveling or doing any activity. Also, check for fellow customer reviews
  • Model of holster: There are belt pouches, one-sided shoulder holsters, and cross belt holsters available for Ruger vaquero look for a convenient, budget-friendly, strong, and glossy holster. The holster should also let the royalty of Ruger vaquero be maintained.

Thus by considering the above factors, you can choose the Ruger vaquero holster.