dispensary mail order

Does Vancouver dispensary delivers over mail order?

The Vancouver dispensary world is constantly growing. Prices, variety of product and quality are getting better every day. But you have to be 18+ to buy at the dispensary in person.

You don't need to pay so much for weed anymore! You can get weed delivered straight to your door with no problems or questions asked? Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not!! There are companies out there that hires potheads as delivery drivers. And they will deliver your mail order marijuana within hours or minutes depending on what you ordered! You should really check them out if you haven't already.

They are discreet about their deliveries which means you won't even know where your package is coming from, but only who the sender was. So, vancouver dispensary mail order is actually real.

Extremely easy to order your weed online, you will have it in your hands within minutes or hours! Save money and time because no driving around or finding parking spots is involved anymore! You can just sit on the couch with a bong hit waiting for that knock on the door. All you need now are some snacks and drinks along with your bong/rig/vaporizer.

In order to buy marijuana in canada, you need to show your ID. But what you don't know is that most of the dispensaries are willing, for a small price, to send you your weed in the mail without wanting anything on your ID. You can be of any age but you must sign up at one of their websites and verify yourself!

If you are still not convinced about giving it a try then check out some forums on google. There are tons of testimonials out there saying how they saved money munching on snacks while ordering their weed over the phone instead of buying all kinds of edibles or pre-rolled joints while visiting a dispensary.

So why go through all kinds of hassles when you have this option available to get your bud delivered straight to your doorstep?!

Really good quality products at fair prices, marijuana mail order from Vancouver dispensaries is worth checking out! Due to strict cannabis laws in Canada, only a small number of dispensaries are allowed to operate. Currently, there are no legal online dispensaries. 

It is NOT LEGAL to use WeedMaps or any other dispensary locator service to buy weed online, all those companies are operating illegally and your information might be collected by government agencies without you knowing it. Later on, you might get a ticket in the mail with a picture taken from a hidden camera near your mailbox, GPS data tracked, etc.

To conclude:

You should seriously consider looking into getting your weed delivered if you are a resident of Canada. Every province has its own rules and regulations on how to get weed, so be careful when ordering from a dispensary! Different provinces have different ways to get weed, don't take the risk of being penalized for illegally acquiring marijuana. Get educated on the new cannabis laws in your area.