Why neighborhood or local companies are preferred for house/building related works

People frequently need home related works as there are many maintenance and wear and tear related work in the buildings. House owners prefer to get the best company or team or individual to get their house related work done. They prefer to hire a local company which can do excellent job for them. People prefer local companies or neighborhood companies for their house related work for following reasons:

- House owners prefer a face behind the services or products offered to them which is generally possible with local companies not with big corporate.
- Local people know the local companies with the promoters’ identities like names etc.
- Local companies know the requirement of local people better than big corporate coming from far away locations.
- Local companies or neighborhood companies are generally able to provide customized services even for small companies to their customers
- Mutual relationships and recommendations matters most in these types of business deals.
- People know that local companies or neighborhood companies’ earnings and profit will help the local community as it will generate employment etc for local people etc.
- Local companies or neighborhood companies can deliver work like installing or repairing eavestrough, gutter, siding, soffit, facia etc.
- If any further repair or modification is required in eavestrough, gutter, siding, soffit, facia, etc in future, then local companies will do it at the earliest.
- Local companies with small team can even do small assignments whereas this is not viable for corporate and distant companies.
- Local companies are very much required to run community economy etc.
- Individuals will not be able to float RFPs etc for small home or building related works.

Advantages with local companies
Local companies or neighborhood companies offer various types of advantages for local customers etc:
- They offer better customer services than corporate
- Corporate do not want to take small projects/task etc.
- They use high quality materials
- They use local manpower or local skill etc for small assignments etc
- They have expertise and experience to deliver these tasks with sincerity and finesse
- Small house or building related works do not suit the structure of corporate and do not meet the required criteria or benchmark of tasks to be taken by corporate or big companies.

With all these advantages that local companies offer and the challenges that individuals face while executing and managing work, it is obvious that they will prefer to execute tasks that suit both people- local companies and individuals needing this work. Big companies and corporate will not be ableto take these assignments. Local companies or neighborhood companies do these works diligently and maintain a great customer relationship with their local customers.

It becomes win win situation for both local companies and customers as both are benefitted by this arrangement. This arrangement is also good for promoting small businesses and creating employment for local people. This also helps in running economy of local community and its growth.