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Top 3 Reasons why you should not smoke weed

Smoking weed is a big elephant that many countries are trying to fight. Moreover, some of the countries have legalized the use of bhang whereas some have staged stringent measures to curb its usage in the country. Can we surmise that weed only affects a certain caliber of people and spares others?
Since time immemorial, bhang has been laced with several downsides in our bodies. Hallucination is one of the key demerits weed is associated with. If you are clueless about how weed can devour your body after use, then you are lucky to meet this post.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down to the top 3 reasons why you should not smoke weed this year. Without wasting time, let’s get started:
1. Deter your memory
2. THC compound might ruin your brain
3. Build anxiety and fear in an individual

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Deter your memory
The hypoactive part in cannabis that acts as an essential part of the mind called the hippocampus is used to modify the manner in which data is prepared and how recollections are shaped in your brain.
This hindrance of memory function can cause psychological disability in adulthood if the use occurs during immaturity, in any event in rodents. It can likewise revive age-related synapse misfortune, however, weed has been appeared to moderate the movement of Alzheimer's sickness.

THC compound might ruin your brain
THC meddles with mind territories called the cerebellum and basal ganglia, which direct equilibrium, stance, coordination, and response time.
At the point when these mind regions are upset, the client makes some harder memories strolling and talking accurately, getting very awkward. It additionally impacts their capacity to drive.

Build anxiety and fear in an individual
Even though there is no convincing proof that weed makes people freak easily about things in the surrounding (However, individuals who use weed normally experience such things), one ongoing examination from the Netherlands tracked down that smoking cannabis builds the danger of gloom for youngsters who have a hereditary weakness to the psychological sickness.
In the long term, smoking weeds increase burdensome in subjects with a unique serotonin quality liable for the expanded danger of discouragement.

Weed is hazardous to the life of human beings. Apart from causing anxiety, distorting your brain, weed can also affect pregnant women when they tend to use especially in longer durations.
Thus, you should be cautious when using bhang or seek a doctor’s advice.