brick veneer in centennial

Why going with brick veneer walls is beneficial?

You can either use original bricks for masonry installation or can find a contractor who could install brick veneer in centennial. The installation of brick veneer walls has the following benefits. 

Similar outlook

One of the major advantages of using brick veneer masonry is its similarity in terms of outlook to the traditional brick walls. As the looks are similar, you need not worry about losing the traditional and classic look given by regular brick walls while moving to veneer. In the past, the difference between the two was heavier. However, modern veneer masonry consists of materials that could make it look like an original brick wall. However, you should know that the thickness of the veneer wall would be lesser than one inch. 

Lightweight materials

Another major benefit of using a brick veneer wall is the lightweight. You need not struggle to handle the elements of the brick veneer wall while you are about to install. As the material as a whole will not weigh heavier, you need not use a weight-bearing element beneath the veneer sheet. Due to ignorance of weight concerns, you can use the brick veneers for all kinds of walls even in residential properties. 

Reduced costs

If you think of your budget, working with brick veneer walls is the most economical method. You can save a lot of money by using these walls instead of regular brick walls. As the materials used in the veneer walls cost lesser than original bricks, you can see a reduced cost per unit. Also, the installation processes will not require so many laborers. Hence, you can reduce the cost a bit more. Likewise, the maintenance and cleaning costs for the veneer walls are also less. Hence, you need not worry about fitting the costs within your budget if you go with brick veneer walls. 

Faster process

Since the installation of brick veneer walls is not a long process that requires tiring effort, the whole process will end sooner than the process with original bricks and mortar. So, you can go for brick veneer walls if you need urgent masonry work. The contractors will have everything in place for the installation and they will start working once you place your order. There will not be any delay during the process. 

Ease of maintenance

Another major benefit of using brick veneer walls is the lesser need for maintenance. For instance, you need not worry about maintaining the wall for a long time. Although if you have to do so, the maintenance activities will be easy and they will cost lesser. You can also paint the walls easily with whatever color you like. You could not do so in traditional bricks with perfection. 


Brick veneer is known for its high insulation capacity. So, you can use the brick veneer walls as insulating elements to reduce heat loss. Hence, your energy costs will get reduced because of the installation of brick veneer walls. You can use these walls in places like fireplaces.