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                                          Terminologies to know about carding before you start learning about the process

If you are familiar with the darknet and the activities going around over there, you would know the meaning of carding. You can consider carding as the act of identity theft. It is also known as the illegal use of the credit card information of a person without his knowledge to make some purchases by a third party. For instance, let us assume that you are a carder. Now, you are hacking the system of a business complex in your locality and acquiring the credit and debit card information of the customers of that business. If you make purchases using these cards and sell them off for cash later, you are involving in the carding process. Several technologies could help people be successful in carding. Since the process is illegal, all these technologies would be a part of the dark web. You can learn more about the processes and get to know some new techniques with the help of a darknet forum. However, there would be some regulations that would restrict one from involving in carding activity. If you wish to be successful, you have to know to stay away from these risks. Being connected with peers on these carding forums would be vital in your success. The experience of people on these platforms could help you improve your carding abilities. It might be confusing to understand the entire process of carding in a few minutes. However, you can make yourself ready to learn the process if you know the following terms used in these activities.

Terminologies to know about carding
Carder – If anyone is attempting to steal the information of the credit or debit cards used by a third person using a hacker or by himself, he is a carder.

Carder forum – You can find some websites where carders and other darknet users will act as members and share their experiences and knowledge among others. These websites are the carding forums that help newbies to excel in their activities.

Cloning – Let us assume that a carder has succeeded in his efforts and has stolen the card information of a person. However, the person could transfer the card information to a new card with the help of cloning.

Pin cashing – Using pin cashing processes, the carder can go a step beyond and track the cardholder’s account details for more activities.

Visa card – Visa Inc provides some credit cards under their name and it is the Visa card.

Card reader – Whenever a carder or anyone uses a card reader, he could get hold of all the information of the holder necessary to complete a credit card transaction.

Fullz – Carders will use the term Fullz to indicate the personal and card details of the cardholder obtained during the process.

VPN – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If the carder uses the card information from anywhere else than the presence of the card, the processors could go sensitive. So, they would use VPN to change locations.