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Ways to Choose the Best Minecraft Server for Your Friends

There’s nothing quite like spending time with good friends building amazing things, exploring new places, and battling mobs together—especially when that time is spent playing a game together. Minecraft is a game that works well with friends, both in single-player and multiplayer. The game’s modding capabilities also make it easy for friends to build their own world and play together. 

Minecraft for PC offers a variety of different ways for friends to play together, from private Servers to community Servers. So, what type of player are you? Think you have what it takes to run best minecraft survival server? Keep reading to discover seven ways to choose the best Server for your friends.

Choose a Dedicated Server

If you’re looking to host a Server for the long term, then a dedicated Server is exactly what you’re looking for. A dedicated Server is installed on a different Server computer than your main Minecraft Server and is only accessible to players on that Server. This can help you avoid sounding like an idiot while hosting a public Server because there is no risk of people walking in on you while you’re making stupid mistakes and giving helpful instructions. 

A dedicated Server usually runs off a more powerful Server computer and has more memory and storage space. This lets you keep more data on your Server, such as world files, maps, and mods. Dedicated Servers are great for large-scale projects, such as map-modding projects or running a Server for a large community.

Host a Server with Minecraft Server

If you’re looking to host a Server for a group of friends, but aren’t interested in setting up your own dedicated Server, you can try Minecraft Server. This program lets you host a single-player or multiplayer Server with a few clicks. To set up your Server, you’ll need to purchase a subscription, which costs $4.99 a month or $39.95 a year. You can then host as many multiplayer Servers as you want on a single computer with Minecraft Server. As long as everyone accessing the Server is logged into the same account, they will be able to see and interact with each other. 

Make an Awesome Minecraft Realm

If you’re looking for a way to create an immersive world for your friends to explore and rule over, try building a Server with Minecraft Realm. This lets you create a fully immersive world for your friends to explore. You can set the time and date on your realm, design your own terrain, and populate it with various biomes and structures designed for players to build and destroy as they play. 

Want to create an entire planet with various biomes and biers to discover? You can do that too. Want to create a realm with a history and lore behind it? Realm can import worlds and generate a detailed history for you to explore. Want to create a realm with a theme? You can import textured and 3D models and set your world to a certain theme. 

Vote with Minecraft Server

Do you have a favorite Server? You can show your support by voting with your Server. This lets you pick a winner in the “best Server” competition. Servers with the most votes remain online, so it’s a good way to say which Server you like best. It’s a bit of a silly process, but it’s a fun way to support your favorite Server and have some fun while doing it.