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The Bikini Paradise of PG Slot

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Bikini Paradise-

Bikini Paradise is one of the most famous online slot game of pg slot camp. The theme of the game is Hawaiian style. The game consists of 5 reel and 4 line slots that is stacked with wild symbol and multiplier. With this game of pg slot, you can earn a chance of multiplying your winning up to 5,000 times. Moreover, in the free spins, the player may earn 20 free spins.

Features of Bikini Paradise Of PG SLOT

Let's have a brief look at some of the feature of Bikini Paradise.

• Symbol pay-out rate
In this version of pg slot, the pay-out is given when a symbol appears 3,4 or 5 times in the bet line position. It should reflect on the screen from the left to right channel. After which, it is declared that the player has won the prize.

• Winning Line Bet
Bikini Paradise consists of 25 bet lines. If the same symbol appears on the bet line consecutively from left and right, the winner takes the pay-out home.

• Wild Symbol-
The wild symbol in this version of the pg slot replaces the entire symbol except the scatter symbol.

• Fighter features
In Bikini Paradise, the Multiplier features take place at the time of the spin. When one or more wild stack symbols appear on any reel, then the corresponding Multiplier multiplies the winning.

• Free spins feature
During the gaming session of Bikini Paradise, if 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbol appears anywhere on the screen, then the free spin feature would trigger that offers 8,12 or 20 free spins respectively. If a player received one or more wild stack symbol that appears on some of the reels during free spins, then the wild stack symbols are completely pushed onto their respective reels.

The control buttons on Bikini Paradise

When you decide to play the Bikini Paradise of pg slot game, you should also be aware of its control buttons, so that you don't get confused or stuck in the game.

• Balance Button- It displays the remaining balance of the amount that you can use to wager.

• Auto-play- It enables the auto spin button.

• Play-table button- It is the pay-out table button.

• Win Button- When you press this button, you can see the profit of each spin in the game.

• Line button- It displays the number of game lines

• Spin button- When you want to play the Bikini Paradise of pg slot game, you need to press this button. The reels would then spin and stop.