QQ Poker

Top Reasons to Go for 3-Betting in QQ Poker

Poker icons claim aggression to be a prominent factor behind their success. This is a lucid indication that making larger pots your companion actually opens the newer portals for your success in poker and the only way to do is by 3-betting more often.

As you begin 3-betting more aggressively, it will result in larger pot sizes and thus, you'll have a higher probability of making much more money through your strategy. But this surely not the sole reason to 3-bet aggressively.

Here are some significant reasons to 3-bet more often in QQ poker.

Why Should You 3-Bet More Often in QQ Poker?
Since many poker players fear 3-betting and tend to play slow, they actually miss out on profitable opportunities. Listed below are some prominent reasons to 3-bet aggressively in poker.

1. Making the game challenging for your opponent
There's a popular belief among beginners that 3-betting premium hands are useful for tricking out the opponents. But the reality is contrasting. If you're 3-betting your premium cards, your opponent may fold confidently to devoid you of the maximum benefits.
On the other hand, 3-betting your non-premium would offer numerous challenges to the opponent, helping you spot better opportunities.

2. Reducing pot distribution
Securing the pot is the ultimate aim of a game of poker but as more and more players enter into the game, the average post-distribution diminishes. When you 3-bet, you're compelling some players to leave the game, offering you higher chances of making it to the pot.

3. Isolating weak gamblers
3-betting after a weak gambler who has recently pre-flopped, the preceding players may get forced to fold that could have played a raise. Since these weak gamblers lack experience, you're putting them into a situation that they might not know how to deal with, and thus, 3-betting puts you to another advantage.

4. Higher chances of picking up the pot preflop
3-betting offers much higher chances of picking up the pot preflop in QQ poker. Given below is the construction of some 3-betting ranges.
• Merged ranges: account for strong hands, premium hands, and higher playability hands i.e. no bluffs.
• Polarized ranges: comprise bluffs and premium hands
Given below are the details of these 3-betting ranges and when to use them.
Merged 3-betting ranges
You can merge your 3-betting ranges in the following situations.
• Strong open-raising
• Unfavorable calling positions (for example, small blinds)
• The preceding players are “calling stations”
Polarized 3-betting ranges
You should polarize your 3-bet in the following scenarios.
• Too much folding by the open-raiser i.e. half of the time
• Owning playing hands rather than the betting ones
Besides, it’s better to upsize as your betting range becomes more and more polarized.

The Final Thoughts
3-betting is a crucial stage where you can take the game in your favor. We hope that you found the article useful and these tips will help you improve your dealing with 3-bets. Wishing you luck with 3-bets!