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                                                                        Additional Features In Free Pdf Converter

Free stuff makes us happy when it comes to additional things. Our free pdf converter is somewhat like that. It has few additional features that can be used while converting the PDF.

We all know how to convert a pdf into a word format. Putting a signature quite easy. Now we will look at some other features which are added to a free pdf converter.

In recent documents, you have to click on the edit button which will open your document that is to be edited.
Click on the icon named as a watermark.
In the pop-up, you will be able to add a watermark in 2 ways-

1.By clicking on the text and type whatever you want as a watermark
2.By clicking on the image and uploading it as your own watermark.
Now use it and a watermark will appear at the center of the page.
In the end, do not forget to save the document.

Add text, Images, and Stamps:

1. These features can only work if the pdf is converted into a word doc.
2. Text functions will appear in the options.
3. Available text functions -
4. Adding text
5. Text Strikethrough
6. Text underlining
7. Text highlighting
8. Adding shapes and stamps
9. Adding images

Add text Field:

You can change the font color by selecting the text whose color you want to change.

Click on the area where your text has to be and then type the text.

There will be an appearance of a red box around the text you have typed. Click inside the red box and choose where you want your text to be.

You cannot change the font color once you start typing.

Text Select Mode:
With the help of this tool, you can select the desired text.
Text Highlight:
Click on the Highlight button and roll the cursor over the text to be highlighted.
Text Underline:
You will find an option for underlining the text in the more icon.
Text Strikethrough:
You will find this option in more icons. You need to click on Strikethrough Icon.
Now just strike out the text you want to.
Adding Images:
Click on the add image icon.
Drag your file to the location you want and then drop it.
Choose and insert the image in your document.
Click at the location where you want your image to appear.

The image will have a red box around it. Resize it with the help of corners and drag it to your desired location.

Open More icon which will show the option for the stamp.
Choose the stamp and then in the document click at the place where you want the stamp to appear.
The stamp will also have a red box around it which can be resized.
Free Drawing, Lines, Shapes, and Arrows:
Free Drawing :

1.The draw icon will open up various options out of which you have to select a pencil.
2.Draw freely and change the color if you want to.
3.Double click can be done when you want to select the line. You will also have options to change the line, width, and color of the drawing.
4.You must choose the color before drawing which won’t create chaos after you draw.