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                                                              Commercial auto insurance for businesses: What is it?

The commercial vehicle insurances has to be included in the handyman business insurance as it is required to cover the trucks, cars, and vans which will be used when you are doing business. Whether large fleets or a small business, you need to be properly covered by a commercial auto insurance policy.

What is a commercial auto insurance policy?

The commercial auto insurance refers to a policy of the physical liability and damage coverage for the situations, amounts and the usage which are not covered by the personal insurance policy for the vehicle. It is a type of insurance for business which covers a variety of commercial vehicles form the automobile which are utilized for business purposes which include the company cars, to various commercial vehicles and trucks.

What are the type of vehicles which are covered by the commercial auto insurance policy?
Food trucks, box trucks, work vans, and the service utility trucks are some of the examples of the larger commercial vehicles which will be needed to get a policy for commercial auto insurance which include coverage for the employees who are operating the vehicle as well as the equipment that are inside.

You might have heard about the coverage which is known as the commercial auto insurance, truck insurance, commercial car insurance, or the fleet insurance. While the commercial vehicle insurance is mainly associated with trucks or work vehicles which are recognized, regular automobiles and cars might also need to have a commercial auto policy in case they are being utilized for business purposes.

Why have a commercial vehicle insurance?
There are particular business usage and type of vehicle which might be excluded from the personal auto insurance policies because the personal auto policies weren’t meant for businesses which are rated and written differently. Essentially to you as the owner of the business or the manager, the business will require certain coverage found in the insurance policy of the commercial auto.

To determine whether your situation will require commercial auto coverage might be something that could be quite confusing and you will require to get enlightened.

What does the commercial vehicle insurance cover?
The insurance for commercial vehicle just like the policy for personal auto does provide the same coverage like collision, liability, medical payments, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorist coverage. But you need to know that, there is a difference between the personal auto policy and the commercial auto insurance policy which might include definitions, eligibility, limits and exclusions.

The following are some of the coverage in a policy for commercial vehicle:

• Coverage for bodily injury liability
• Coverage for property damage liability
• CSL – combined single limit
• No-fault, medical payments or personal injury coverage
• Coverage for uninsured motorist
• Underinsured motorist coverage
• Coverage for comprehensive physical damage
• Coverage for collision

All the aforementioned are what you need to know about the commercial auto insurance for your business so that, in case of a claim you know that you are covered and you don’t have to use your out of pocket to sort anything out.