California driver education course

                                                                 Driver education course and what you will learn

The statistics on the teen crashes in the USA is not good, with over 75% of the teen crashes being as a result of critical error like:

• Inability to be able to recognize the hazards and to respond to them
• Driving fast
• Being distracted

One of the main reason there is the California driver education course for newly licensed teenage drivers is to be equipped with important skills deficits. With that, the importance of having teenage driver education cannot be overemphasized. But what happens in the driver’s ed?

What is taught in the driver’s ed
The driver’s education is not a prerequisite for the teen drivers just because. The main reason the state mandates that all the drivers have to be educated properly on the road rules is to ensure that the roads become safe for everyone – the pedestrians and the motorists alike.

The lessons which the students are taught in the driver’s education include:

Driving and traffic laws
Though ignorance might be a bliss in certain scenarios, but it is not when you are driving. The driver education will teach you road rules like:

• The road signs
• The consequences of having to drive under the influence
• Making illegal U-turns
• Penalties for reckless driving and speed limits
• Penalties for driving without a license or with a license that is suspended
• What a hit and run is and what a drive has to do when involved in an accident
• Driving without or with insufficient insurance
• Child restraint and seat belt violation
• Illegal modification of the vehicle and the mechanical violations

You have to remember that, being ignorant of the law doesn’t spare anyone.

Becoming a safe driver
The lessons for safe driver that you will learn in driver’s ed will include the following:

• Having to choose the right vehicle
• Practicing on how to change a flat tire
• Keeping hands off your mobile phone and the perils of texting while driving
• How to minimize distractions
• Following the right speed limit
• Practicing the techniques of defensive driving like being mindful of the traffic behind, ahead and around you.

To become a safe driver will be quite beneficial for several reasons:
• Keep you as well as your passengers safe while you are on the road
• Allow you to be able to build good records for driving that will help you to get better rates for insurance in future
• Prevent you from having to become another statistic of teen driving.

Passing the road skills test to be able to obtain a driving permit
The California driver education course prepares students for the test for the driver’s ed, which the teen drivers have to pass in order to be given a driving permit. The driving permit or the learner test allows you to be able to hone your skills in driving with the help of your parent or the legal guardian that you have, a driving instructor that is professional or any adult who is licensed and aged above 21 years.

The various types of driver’s education
The driver’s education that is state approved is not limited to a single learning channel. The California one recognizes many of them.